Kaori Sohma is an award-winning graphic designer, director, and a founder with more than +15 years of leadership and design experience in the advertising, branding, and broadcast industries.

She characterizes her work with intersecting the working souls of Muller Brockmann, Saul Bass, and William Eggleston. Her focus lies especially in expressing complex emotional states with playful humor, reduced to the simple geometric form, light, and movement. The work is also a subtle homage to her Japanese heritage, philosophy and aesthetic, playfully intertwined with american pop-culture.

“Kaori is an imperfect perfectionist who cherishes and expresses momentary simplicity in all its zen like wonder." - Travis Spangler

Kaori currently works as a creative director at Oxygen Media, NBC Universal.


相馬 香織

映像ディレクター、グラフィックデザイナー。ニューヨークのパーソンズ美術大学、BFAコミニケーションデザイン/映像科卒業。MTV NETWORKSに所属するVH1ON AIR CREATIVEでシニアデザイナー、アートレディレクターとしてコンセプトからデザイン、アニメーション、編集、プロダクションの映像、フィルム制作におけるプロセスを習得、大きな撮影のディレクターも努める。のち、LIFELONG FRIENDSHIP SOCIETYを他3人のパートナーと設立、クリエイティブディレクター、ビジネスパートナーとして活躍。

その後独立、現在NYでNBC UNIVERSAL にて映像クリエイレィブディレクターとして任務。



2019 Promax Gold : Main title design under “Delivering on a Dime” category

2019 Promax Silver : Brand IDs under “Short form promo or campaign” Category

2019 The One Club for Creativity / ADC Awards : Motion & Film Craft Jury

2018 Promax/BDA Silver : Network Brand Image Campaign

2018 Promax/BDA Bronze : Main Title design for Disappearance of Maura Murray

2012 Promax/BDA Gold : Teennick 90'S Are All That : Interstitial / Short Form Campaign

2012 Promax/BDA Silver : Teenick Halo Awards Image Spot : Special Events Promo General Entertainment

2003 PROMAX/BDA Gold : Movies That Rock Total Show Package Design

2007 AIGA Design Archives : The N Rebrand, Logo Design



2016, 2017, 2018 Daily Brief / PromaxBDA

2006- Current Spoon Tamago Studio Visit : Photographer

2005 Shoot Online USA

2006 Motionographer

2003 CMYK Magasine USA

2009 Spoon & Tamago USA

2004 Design Is Kinky : Semi Permanant 04 Australia

2004 Jeremyville Sketchel : Artist bag design collection

2004 8X8 Japan

2004 H Magazine Spain